Three Sure Ways to Rapidly Boost Your Writing

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

– Ray Bradbury, WD

1. Read more – Yes, read more about other peoples’ writing. Reading will open you up to different writing styles. You will get the opportunity to know what you like and also what you don’t want as your writing style. Reading what other people have written will train your subconscious mind to see you as a writer. You will soon start creating your story plot. Whether you ultimately immense yourself in the book you are reading, or you find that the story or subject could have gone differently, you will start building up your theme without even making an effort. The only thing remaining will be you to take action.

2. Don’t over think it – start, stop complicating life by waiting until you are perfect. You have to start, as they say, practice makes progress. Trust me, everyone who you consider great today did not start out that way. Your first book will not be a masterpiece, but it will surely take away the fear and give you the assurance that you need. You can do it!

3. Emulate Others – No need to reinvent the will. There are already many great writers out there. Write to them, ask how they do it. Okay, we all are born with different levels of creativity; however, all habits can be learned right? Just like we seek a driving instructor to teach us how to drive and soon we can drive a car without needing to be ‘the only driver on the road’. It is the same with any other habit including writing. Find someone who you see as a good writer and follow what they do. Caveat, do steal their work to make it your own. Be authentic, be true to yourself, write from the heart.

I bet you already knew this. if not, now you know, go on and let that pen dance on the paper. You will surprise yourself as to how much will come out. That sense of achievement will be a real mood booster. If other people read your writing, it’s a bonus, right?

I would like to hear from you if you think of any other ways to share. Here is a challenge for you, write an article and I will guest feature you.

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