“Celebrating the epitome of a strong and supportive woman.”

Today, I want to recognise and shine the spotlight on a fantastic and talented woman.

German-based Cameroonian-born Laura Tinzoh is a co-author of the book ‘The Perfect Migrant’ which was published by us (Diverse Cultures Publishing) in May 2018. She is also the author of two solo books ‘From the Inside Out (English)’ and  Aus dem Inneren heraus (German). She contributed to the African Women in Europe Anthology published in June 2018

I am always intrigued by women like Laura. They take on any challenge thrown at them with grace and humility. Laura and her husband ‘Daddy Paul’ as I have heard her refer to him have taken a big step to talk about issues that lots people shy away from – issues in Marriage. They run a marriage enrichment event where they facilitate open discussion on making relationships stronger. Laura recently told me: “Amina, life can be hard, but the important thing is to have a strong foundation

Those few words made me think, “Wow this is one person I want on my side.” She not only cares about others but she herself accepts that we are all on this journey and no one is perfect.


Laura – Author, Motivational Speaker, Moderator, and Founder of ‘LaTinzoh Empowerment`- has moderated at a number of conferences including our very own International Speakers, Authors and Artists conference where her fun way of presenting made the day a positive experience for all.  Her workshops cover themes that are intended to uplift, inspire and foster Spiritual Growth. In her Podcast series, Practical Theology which airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, she shares her day-to-day experiences as a Christian within and outside her family; her struggles and the ultimate triumphs, which come as a result of her faith in God.

The multi-talented mother of five launched the Women Empowerment Summit in August 2017. This annual event is aimed at challenging women to step out of their comfort zones and do extraordinary things.  The first edition of the conference, which took place in the summer of 2017, was attended by many women from across Germany and Europe.

Learn more from Laura at the 2018 International Women Empowerment Summit at the prestigious Marriott Hotel, Cologne Germany on 22nd September 2018. The Theme this year is “Success Secrets of a Strong Woman”

I urge you to contact Laura for details and to be part of this marvellous event.

Company Name: LaTinzoh Empowerment

Area of Expertise: Public Speaking, Workshop coordination, Event moderating, Writing, Podcast, Living the Christian Faith every day. Coaching /mentoring, Spiritual Growth, Marriage Enrichment, Women Empowerment.

Social Media: @Laura Tinzoh | @LaTinzoh Empowerment

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