Maternal Bliss Delayed and not Denied by Clara Meierdierks

A Special Co-Author Interview with Clara Meierdierks for The Perfect Migrant Book

What is your chapter about and what you plan to do with the story?

I know there are millions of couples behind the doors which are going through the challenges of building a family, not many have it easy with childbearing. Many like me are going through the pains of IVF (Invitro-fertilisation) to realise the dream of motherhood.

My chapter title, Maternal bliss: delayed and not denied, is a chapter dedicated to all those women’s faces that have shed tears in the quest to become mothers. I want to say; “I feel you all, I have been there before, and I know and understand your pains”. However, I hope my story will remind you all, that there is nothing impossible. I know the pains, and I am using my story to encourage, to inspire and to tell all concerned to persevere, and never give up.

My voice is hidden

I need a voice,

I heard some voices,

I joined the voices,

We told our stories,

To give others hope.

You  can watch Clara’s interview on Youtube here

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Clara Meierdierks (Nee Uwazie), born and raised in Nigeria to late Mr and Mrs Patrick Uwazie. We are seven, my father died early, and my late mother Mrs Elizabeth Uwazie taught us early the importance of education.

I am a nurse /midwife. I was trained in Nigeria; I worked there until 1998 when I left home for Germany. I came to Germany as a student at Mannheim University to study German / English. I experienced a lot of challenges until at some stage make the decisions to go back to my profession as a nurse. It was not an easy journey, but thank God, here are I am.

I pursued my academics, and I attended further studies. I am now a Registered Nurse/Midwife working in Germany. I am also a respiratory care practitioner, a quality manager. I have a Bachelor of Science in health and social care and a Master of Science in Psychology

What prompted you to write a chapter in ‘The Perfect Migrant’ book’?

My writing journey began quite early. I had always jotted down incidence and experiences in the past. I love reading and writing. I have a friend, a sister, a lady who always has this spirit to carry everyone along; her name is Dr Vivian Timothy, Art-Unleashed. To me, she is the greatest artist of our time. She encourages me to come along with most of her Art exhibitions. She always says to me ‘Nwannem’ (my dearest sister) I know your writing creativity, and she would urge me to come so that I can network and make contacts. It is always fun being with her. She is an inspiration.

On 23 September 2017 in Berlin, we both attended the African Women in Europe Awards Ceremony. It was there that I listened to Amina Chitembo’s speech about writing, co-authoring, and publishing. Amina spoke the words I needed to hear, and for me, she was the lady that I had been looking for. The lady that God was going to use to make me speak out and give back to others. I remembered Jeff Goins empowering messages in one of his books “You are a writer”. “Wow I must grab this chance,” I said to myself.

When did you realise that you could write?

I have been writing since I was 12. I would write on anything that had space; some got lost while in Nigeria. I did not even understand what I was doing, all I was doing was writing for the love of writing. I have a great passion for writing. Thank you, Germany, thank you God, and thank you Amina for the opportunity.

I read a lot of books from other authors and some Nigerian authors such as Chinua Achebe who died 2013 who wrote about 50 books, Wole Soyinka, Femi Osofisan Oeure, I love his use of allegory and metaphors, his book Kolera Kole (1975), Women of Owu (2004), Ben Okri, novelist and Poet, (Our future is greater than our past), Buchi Emecheta born in Lagos to Igbo parents (1960), her story was drawn on her life – Joys of motherhood. These authors and many more have inspired me to write.

What was your greatest fear about writing?

As a beginner we all have a fear of not wanting to make mistakes, as someone who has not published any book yet, I was afraid of deciding what to write. I was also worried about how people would react, not being sure if my story will gain an audience. I had many questions in my head. How was I to know what the people wanted to hear my story?

How did you overcome these fears?

I overcame my fears the moment I spoke with Amina Chitembo, the book coach writing and publisher at Diverse Cultures Publishing. Her words were very encouraging and inspiring, and that was it again.


What are some of the unexpected benefits of writing your chapter in this book?

It has given me the opportunity to meet with other fantastic writers. The co-authors of this book ‘THE PERFECT MIGRANT’. I am most humbled to be a part of this book, and I am sure that we are going to be stronger together. We are not finished yet; this is just the starting point for all of us.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of writing?

Please write to your heart’s content, read to enrich yourself, do not give up your dream. For every journey begins sometime, and somewhere. Those who make it are those who believe in their dreams. “You have the power to write your story, shape your future, and give it a face. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you”. There is nothing we are writing now that is new in the world, but there is something new, and that is `your story’ and ‘my story’.

How many unpublished and half-unfinished stories do you have?

At the moment I am rounding up with my next book and have two unfinished books.

How I feel now after writing and getting published for the first time?

Wow, I feel grateful to God, to my family that has stood behind me in good and bad times, to my friends and many others who stayed while people left. I feel so happy. Thank God who made it possible for me to meet Amina at AWE 2017 in Berlin. This lady is amazing, inspiring and encouraging. Amina gave me the real push to publish my story, now am ready, and the words are flowing.

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